Beverley & Driffield Chiropractic Clinics

What we Treat

Our patients are of all ages and types, from newborns & infants to sports people, pregnant ladies, the elderly population and all people in between. Whatever your history or condition, you will be welcome.

We treat a very wide range of problems and ailments, from toe pain to headaches, and everything in between! Many people come with multiple areas of concern and symptoms that appear baffling or unrelated to other people. It is always a good move to contact us and ask. We will give expert, free confidential advice quickly and without obligation.

We will make our own assessments and diagnosis based on case history, examination, specific tests and fully explain our findings to you before we start treatment. If you require medical or multidisciplinary treatment or if Chiropractic is not the best option for you, we will inform you and help you choose the best way forward.

Success stories

You might find it interesting to read some testimonials from clients we have treated with very varied conditions.