Bag Advice

We all need to carry one for something at some point. Whether it’s for work, fashion or shopping. But could your bag be putting extra strain on your back and joints?

Read our tips for carrying your bag more comfortably:

Take some of the weight out! – sometimes our chiropractors struggle to believe how much people are carrying around daily. Try taking out some of the things that you do not need before setting out. While there is no maximum weight of the bag that you should be carrying it will depend on the size of a person and how strong they are.

Shopping bags – instead of carrying one heavy bag on a side try to even out the weight between two bags so that you feel more balanced. Holding lots of weight on one side drags you down and puts unwanted strain on joints.

The type of bag you have makes a difference – while a rucksack may not look fashionable consider whether or not it may be more comfortable. For example, those going to work or study often have heavier equipment and a rucksack will be better suited to distributing weight.

Wheeled bags/shopping trolleys- push your bag or shopping trolley in front of you for more comfort! Dragging a bag on one side of the body behind you puts more strain on the bag. Buy a bag with an extendable longer handle so that you can adjust it to your height and avoid stooping.