How much treatment will I need?

It is a very common question. Of course, people want to know can we help and how long will it take before they start feeling better?

When your chiropractic treatment commences the chiropractor will recommend their plan of treatment. Initially, this is often a few treatments to determine how you are doing.

This plan will include the chiropractor regularly reassessing your progress. It largely depends on the person and the problem but we expect most patients should see improvement within a few weeks.

Following the initial care, we often find that many patients will not need further treatment. However, some patients may need long term care.

If you don’t start to feel better within a few weeks after starting treatment, your chiropractor will discuss other care options with you. Sometimes it is necessary to refer you to another professional or for diagnostic imaging. The chiropractor will discuss this with you and will not do this without your permission and agreement.

For some patients, we may suggest longer-term care. This may be the case for example if your condition is particularly complex or if it has been going on for a long time or for those whose work means their condition is likely to reoccur.

You can decide to stop treatment at any time you like. At Beverley and Driffield Chiropractic clinics you will not be expected to pay for treatments in advance. We do not have subscriptions that require you to pay upfront for multiple appointments.