Posture tips for parents!

posture tips for parents

Baby Carriers/slings are a good option! Carriers are designed to keep your baby’s weight close to your body, which reduces the stress that you will feel on your own back. Take time to set it up properly. Adjust the straps so that they are firmly tightened. Most will also have a waist strap – it isn’t there to look pretty, use it!

Allow toddlers/older children to do as much as they can for themselves. Yes, it can be quicker to pick up your child and lift them into the car seat, BUT if they are capable of this themselves, you will save yourself from lifting and twisting at an awkward angle.

When playing, get down to their level. Sit on the floor or bring games up to a table where you can sit and play together at a better height for you. Use cushions to support you if sitting on the floor. Avoid kneeling!


They are a big purchase! Take time to make sure it has what you need, and remember your comfort is as important as your baby’s. My suggestions include:

Trialing the different adjustments on the pram is a must. Most now have adjustable height handles. This is helpful when more than one person will be pushing the pram. You should be able to walk upright with your arms resting at a comfortable height.

Figure out how it collapses. If you use public transport or intend to lift a pram in and out of a car, it needs to be easy. Are the levers and clasps easily released? How easy is the pram to lift and move once collapsed? Do cushions/lining detach to reduce weight if not needed?

Nappy bags

A million to chose from! Every shape, colour and size imaginable. Remember:

Do you REALLY require the biggest one going? While you have to have the essentials, typically the bigger the bag you go for, the more tempted you are to fill it with unnecessary stuff!

Select a style that can be worn as a rucksack if detached from the pram. Carrying a bag on one side weighs you down, and your back will not thank you. It also keeps your hands free when you are busy and on the go.

Cots and Beds

Room space may be limited, but consider accessibility to the cot or bed. This should reduce the amount of twisting and bending you do at bedtime.

Babies don’t weigh much. Until you’ve picked them up and put them down a few times! Many cots now have sides which lower. This means you are placing your baby straight down onto the mattress at a comfortable height, instead of lifting them up and over the bars at arm’s length.


Get comfy! Breast or bottle feeding should be comfortable for you both. Don’t forget that you can use extra pillows around you to support your arms or your baby’s body. You should not be supporting the weight of your baby with your arms alone.

Change position regularly.

For toddlers in high chairs, sit close to them to avoid leaning forward. Sit facing them directly, rather than sitting to their side and twisting.

I hope you find these tips helpful but if you’re still struggling we are here to help. Call us at Beverley 01482 870934 or Driffield 01377 272277. We are always happy to assist you with any queries.