Chiropractic Treatment Prices

An estimate of the likely number of treatments required will be discussed during your initial consultation.

We do not ask patients to pay for treatment in advance or for multiple blocks of treatment. This is because we continually reassess your condition on an appointment by appontment basis.

All discussion of conditions by phone are confidential and free.

First consultation including treatment. Approximately 1hour £55.00
Further treatment. Approximately 15-20 minutes £32.00
Reconsultation after 1 year. Approximately 30 minutes £45.00
Child initial consultation including treatment. (18yrs and under). Aprroximately 1hour £45.00
Child further treatment (18yrs and under). Aprroximately 15-20minutes £25.00
Child reconsultation after 1 year (18yrs and under). Aprroximately 30minutes £35.00

Most major credit cards are accepted.

It is the responsibility of the patient to claim any insurance back themselves. We can provide a full receipt to allow you to do this.

We operate a 24hr cancellation policy and we may ask you to pay for appointments cancelled without this prior notice.