There is no such thing as perfect posture!

no such thing as perfect posture

While we won’t tell you it is a good idea to sit slumped over a desk all day, we regularly tell patients not to obsess too much over so-called ‘perfect posture’.

Instead, we advise that you avoid remaining in the same position for too long. The spine and joints like movement. If you think of of animals they never stay in the same position for too long before getting up, stretching and then settling down again. Remind yourself to move by setting a timer to ensure that you get up and have frequent breaks from sitting. We recommend sitting for no longer than about 30 minutes at a time before having a break for a few minutes.

Many people report that maintaining a particular position increases their pain. Try to vary your posture throughout the day and avoid those positions that cause discomfort.

If you find that sitting for too long worsens your pain try these simple movements that can help to alleviate symptoms:

3 minute straighten up programme

Finally, if a problem is ongoing it could be helpful to see a qualified person such as one of our chiropractors. We can suggest ways to get you moving and feeling better again. Sometimes tight muscles and aches need a helping hand from us to feel better!