How can I get the most benefit from my chiropractic treatment?

chiropractic treatment

When we see a healthcare professional of any kind, we want to be a good patient. This ensures we get the most out of the time and treatment. When you see a chiropractor, we hope that you will see it as entering a partnership for your care. The chiropractor is often able to do a lot to ease your pain, but we need your help!

Follow Advice

If we tell you to peel back on your exercise for a little, do it! We want to see you running marathons and getting back to your Zumba classes quickly. But sometimes the body requires rest. Likewise, if we encourage you to begin some gentle exercise, please try. We will only suggest something that we think is appropriate and safe for you.

If we recommend some ways of altering working habits, try to steadily implement the changes. We will always try to offer small, manageable changes that won’t greatly alter your day but can add up to big improvements in terms of your health.

If you are struggling, tell us. Maybe we can recommend going about something differently.

Ask us questions

We have lots of information for you, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. We want you to understand things so that you can take more control of your care and learn to manage problems at home. If we say something, and it doesn’t make sense, ask us again!

Be honest

If we recommend something that you don’t think is manageable, tell us! Whether you are nervous when we advise you to go back to a gym class, or whether you cannot commit to the treatment frequency that we suggest. Tell us! It helps us to realistically manage your care.