How We Treat

How We Treat

All patients are treated as unique individuals, therefore each patient has a unique treatment plan. The vast majority of people are responding well within a few treatments and the patients future needs are discussed and reviewed on each visit. All treatments are specifically tailored to the patients unique needs and preferences. It may therefore change as treatment and the patients health progress.

Our policy is that examinations and treatments are performed with patients fully dressed in normal clothing.


Your treatment may involve

  • Muscle release techniques.
  • A range of re balancing and manipulative techniques.
  • Trigger point therapy and pain relief acupuncture.
  • Postural and ergonomic advice.
  • Safe and relevant exercises.
  • Lifestyle and nutritional advice.
  • Involvement of other health professionals if a multi-discipline approach is indicated.
  • If necessary we can refer for private MRI scans at York diagnostic imaging Centre.


We can discuss, advise upon and usually help to source supports, pillows, exercise equipment or classes.

Please ask us and we will try to help whatever your question.