Have a comfortable Bonfire Night!

Beverley and Driffield chiropractic bonfire night tips

The clocks have changed, and it is starting to feel more like winter! As chiropractors, we have recently appreciated a number of Spooky skeletons walking around for Halloween, but next on the social calendar we have bonfire night! Many of you have plans for attending bonfires and firework displays, but as we reach for the big coats and the nights get colder some have expressed concern about enjoying the events while managing neck and back pain. Here are a few tips for an enjoyable night!

1. Dress for the weather

It goes without saying really .... warm muscles and joints are happier! Wrap up warm, it is easier to take off layers than regret leaving your favourite hat at home. If we get too cold, we often hunch up in an effort to retain heat, lifting our shoulders and tensing muscles. You may end up feeling very stiff the next day if you do this. 

2. Carrying young children

Little ones often have the best view of things when sitting on adults shoulders. Only carry them this way for as long as you can reasonably manage. Over time, you realise just how heavy those ‘little ones’ actually are, and this can contribute to neck pain and stiffness.

3. Footwear 

It is muddy out there! We have had a lot of rain and parts of Beverley and surroundings areas are a bit of a mud bath right now. Wear shoes with enough grip and ankle support to reduce your likelihood of slipping and falling. We would recommend a good pair of boots. Wellies are OK for short walks, but are often bad to support the foot and ankle. Trudging along in slopping wellies can be a real workout for the lower legs, and every year we see countless people struggling with sore legs knees and ankles, likely as a result of inappropriate footwear. 

4. Fireworks and posture 

When looking up at the fireworks, try not to have your head tilted back for too long! You may stiffen up very quickly as your neck and shoulder muscles work to support you. Adjust your position regularly. Consider watching a display from further back so that your neck isn't resting is in such an extended position. Consider taking a camp chair if you don’t have to carry it too far from the car, then you can sit or stand as feels comfortable. 

5. Move!

It is easy to be tempted to stand for ages watching the bonfire. Joints do not like being still for too long. Try and walk up and down and a bit to stop joints from stiffening up. Have a stroll around and find something tasty to eat and kept warm. 

5. When you get home 

Do a few stretches before bed when everything has gone quiet, and drink plenty of water to help re-hydrate muscles.