Skiing/board Tips

skiing tips

Now that travel restrictions are lifting, it’s so good to hear that people are finally getting back to the slopes. As an experienced skier myself, here are a few tips from me to make sure you stay safe and get the most out of that glorious snow!

Have fun and ask if you need any further advice.


  • Arrive slope ready not just with all the kit but with the fitness level needed. Begin a few weeks before travelling with some simple and gentle strengthening exercises like squats, lunges and cycling. Stronger muscles mean less chance of injury and aching.
  • Improve your balance – wobble boards are a great piece of kit found at most gyms and will improve balance, ankle, foot and leg stability. – Warm-up before heading out to the slopes. I always start with a few blues cruise and red carve runs before heading to the black slopes. Ease into it, you want to enjoy your time.
  • Don’t be afraid to take a break! Yes, it is exciting to be back, but take it steady. Overdo it on day one, and it could spoil the rest of your holiday. If you are tired, listen to your body. Remember that the most likely day for injuries is day three, you want to enjoy every day possible.
  • Stay hydrated – Drink plenty of water, tea and coffee throughout the day. Excessive alcohol at lunch time is not something I would recommend.
  • Clothing – yes, you want to look amazing lying down the slopes, but you also need to be warm and comfortable. Be prepared. Make sure everything fits before traveling. Clothing that is too restrictive will limit movement. Consider your boots too, the moulded footbed costs more, but it will be the precise fit for you.
  • Leave your skis and board upright so that you don’t have to bend forward to pick them up and keep the running surfaces clean of ice build up.
  • Even the most experienced skiers can develop bad habits with time. Consider a few lessons every so often just to ensure your body isn’t struggling due to technique. Most of all, enjoy.