28th January 2022
Can I crack my own back and neck? Is it safe?

Can I “crack” my own back and neck? Is it safe?

Lots of people tell us that they like to “crack” their joints. They twist their neck into an awkward position and feel a satisfying “pop”. Others […]
24th January 2022

Getting comfortable at the office

Our spine and joints like movement, but sadly we hear time and time again that due to the nature of work, people struggle most when stuck […]
20th January 2022
chiropractic treatment

How can I get the most benefit from my chiropractic treatment?

When we see a healthcare professional of any kind, we want to be a good patient. This ensures we get the most out of the time […]
18th January 2022

4 most common chiropractic questions answered

Q: What is causing my pain? Q: How long will it take to get better? Q: What can I do myself to help the problem? Q: […]
13th January 2022

How much treatment will I need?

It is a very common question. Of course, people want to know can we help and how long will it take before they start feeling better? […]
11th January 2022

Bag Advice

We all need to carry one for something at some point. Whether it’s for work, fashion or shopping. But could your bag be putting extra strain […]
6th January 2022

Hip Osteoarthritis

Hip osteoarthritis (OA) is defined as the breakdown of articular cartilage of the hip joint. Usually, people experience a gradual onset of pain and restriction in […]
4th January 2022

Do I need an x-ray?

Chiropractors can refer for diagnostic imaging if it is considered to be medically justified. However, that does not mean that everyone we see will need an […]
31st December 2021

Will I be treated in a private room?

Here at the Beverley and Driffield Chiropractic clinics our chiropractors will only ever treat you in a private room. We would also like to highlight that […]