1st June 2022

Knee Osteoarthritis

We see all kinds of knee pain at the Beverley and Driffield Chiropractic Clinics, with knee osteoarthritis making up a large portion of cases. Manual therapy […]
5th April 2022
back health 5 easy ways

Prioritising your back health in 5 easy steps this Chiropractic Awareness Week

Back pain is more common than you’d think, with recent data showing that 80% of the nation will experience back pain at some point in their […]
29th March 2022
posture tips for parents

Posture tips for parents!

Baby Carriers/slings are a good option! Carriers are designed to keep your baby’s weight close to your body, which reduces the stress that you will feel […]
16th March 2022
text neck

Is being on my phone/tablet bad for my neck

We get asked all the time, “Is being on my phone/tablet bad for my neck?” According to new research by Correia (2021) and authors, the association […]
22nd February 2022
skiing tips

Skiing/board Tips

Now that travel restrictions are lifting, it’s so good to hear that people are finally getting back to the slopes. As an experienced skier myself, here […]
7th February 2022
spinal disc herniation

Disc Pain

TRUE OR FALSE? ‘A slipped disc means that the disc has slipped out of my spine’ This is false. A ‘slipped disc’, also known as a […]
1st February 2022
Is your wallet causing you back pain?

Is your wallet causing you back pain? The sacroiliac joint

Regularly sit with your wallet in one back pocket? Your sacroiliac joint may not thank you! Sitting with your wallet in your back pocket tilts the […]
28th January 2022
Can I crack my own back and neck? Is it safe?

Can I “crack” my own back and neck? Is it safe?

Lots of people tell us that they like to “crack” their joints. They twist their neck into an awkward position and feel a satisfying “pop”. Others […]
24th January 2022

Getting comfortable at the office

Our spine and joints like movement, but sadly we hear time and time again that due to the nature of work, people struggle most when stuck […]